Reviews & Comments

"Thank you for your music!"
- Rob Brezsny

"Very impressive!"
- Ustad Chhote Rahimat Khan

"Golden thread is a fantastic song. Really extraordinary.
I've listened again and again. It's magical.
Wish everyone could hear it.
Everyone I play your song for loves it. Thanks.

- Adam Blum

"Great music. Your music is very inspiring and beautiful.
Keep up the amazing work.

- Leroy Jackson III

"She has inspired me like no one else...
Truly Healing your music is Mahalakshmi.

- Mitali Nath

"I have checked her album 'One'. The most beautiful compositions I have heard in a long time.
"Shiva, Humanity, In the Womb was very 'special'. Even every piece but these are most close.

- Debanjan Biswas

"Thank You. Truly a symphony of colors and sounds.
Chilling me out all week!

- John Miller

"Sweet sister Mahalakshmi has a wonderful voice. Her poetic choices for this solo debut testify to her journey towards artistic as well as spiritual maturity.
"I must say that, knowing the previous works with Emam & Friends, I expected to hear 'something completely different' (to quote Monty Python). On the other hand, I was pleasantly surprised by the high quality level and the extreme care of the recording, but above all by the great variety and colors of the sounds and melodies, which reveal the wide attendance and knowledge that Mahalakshmi has acquired of classical and devotional music and of India, but also of the heritage of rock, as well as pop or ethnic music."

- Claude D'orleans (Shri Laksman Singh)

"I dig your music. Wonderfully crafted music with epic vocals. Your voice reminds me of Hope Sandoval who I love. Love the vocal melodies - serene and gorgeous like velvet...
"Also it reminds me of Dido and Fleetwood Mac. You are exceptionally talented writing the music, lyrics and singing! That is mindblowing!

- Jamieson Lee Hill (Jai Shankar)

"Yo this music is amazing."
- Scott Emalfarb

"I LOVE this so much! Your beautiful energy, voice, lyrics
and the musical progression are truly a beacon in dark times.

- Olivia Clayton

"It's really great, Mahalakshmi.
Your voice is absolutely beautiful!

- Stephanie Ross Leshney

"The first track is gorgeous beautiful lyrics beautifully sung,
incredible instrumentation and I love it.

- Tracy Richardson LAc

"Beautiful! I love it!"
- Todd Speight

"It is beautiful album and your voice amazing."
- Saraswati-Sveti Dombrovska

"So very beautiful."
- Nisha Sammal Negi

"Absolutely beautiful ❤️"
- Margarita Fornieles

- Erica Buffett