Mahalakshmi is an American singer-songwriter.
She is a devotional sound yogini
who has been composing music for over twenty years,
performing in US, India, and beyond.
This year, in 2020, she will release her first album of original music.

She has performed
with the following maestros:

Mukesh Sharma
(India): sarod
Arshad Khan

(India): tabla
Ahsan Ali
(India): sarangi
(USA): vocalist/entertainer

(Iran/USA): tabla
Daniel Berkman

(USA): kora
Gary Hegedus

(USA): oud/violin
Hadley Louden

(USA): piano/percussion
Carlos Gonsalves

(India): percussion
Ghulam Ali

(India): sarangi

(Iran): kamanche

(Iran): baglama, divan, daf

(Iran): vocals
Joshua Michael

(USA): percussion
Mayank Bedekar
(India): tabla
Derek Julien

(India): guitar
Matthew Montfort

(USA): guitar
Matthew Grasso

(USA): guitar

(Italy/France): guitar
Kim Atkinson

(USA): percussion
Julien Moretto

(France): violin
Adrien Braud

(France): clarinet
Xavier Peres

Philipp Mesheryakov

(Russia): keyboard/bass
Mark Fernandes

(India): bass
Ben Kunin

(USA): sarod
Andius Jent

(USA): bass

(India): tabla

Mahalakshmi is the featured vocalist
of the world fusion band Emam & Friends.
She is also a contributing composer.
Her work can be heard on Emam & Friend's most recent album
In Your Eyes I See.

She and Emam also join forces
in Rhythm and Mantra,

performing originally composed devotional fusion music
from the heart.

Mahalakshmi is the featured singer on

AyaTunes is designed for deep healing, meditation, and shamanic journeys,
created by Andrea "Fluterscooter" Fisher.
Listeners can hear her on
on Volume 1.2, Volume 2, and Volume 3

For more detailed information about all recordings,
please visit the MUSIC page

Early in life, Mahalakshmi discovered a lifeline in music.
Music came to her ear in an automatic fashion
beyond conscious thought
and it was through sound
that she unveiled her innermost self to herself.
The feeling of this internal discovery
was overwhelming and miraculous,
like uncovering a hidden treasure.
Since then, her spiritual practice is writing music
to bathe in the beauty of her soul and that of the world.
This investigation through sound
has filled her with bliss, joy, and freedom.

In her early years, as it is today,
visual art and writing
remain occasional outputs of her creativity,
however, the only medium which can fully express
Mahalakshmi's innermost heart is music.
She wishes to share it with the world
and connect all hearts as One.

Mahalakshmi conceives of entire songs in her mind,
with lyrics, melody, and chords.
Other times, the melody arrives in her ear alongside chords
and lyrics form later.
Songs are relayed in vivid dreams
or are birthed during times of meditation or emotion.
The sound of the pieces brings comfort
as the music is created with the intention of benefiting all.
Her lyrics often contain wisdom guiding the way Home.
Mahalakshmi is a reiki healer
and music is an extension of her reiki practice.

Mahalakshmi feels eternally blessed to be a devotee of
Hairakhan Mahavatar Babaji,
an Avatar of Shiva
who resided in the foothills of the Himalayas at Hairakhan, India.
There, at Babaji's ashram,
she traveled ever-deeper to the center of herself and the world,
receiving knowledge of the secrets of the mystery of life.
These invaluable experiences inform her music.

While in India, she studied Indian Classical music with
Chhote Rahimat Khan (sitar) and Geetika Varde (vocals).

Stay tuned in 2020
for Mahalakshmi's first solo album.